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My presentation

My name is Albane and I’m 26 years old. I’m a young lady, often described as dynamic, funny and outgoing. I can also be determined and serious when necessary.

I studied and worked in various fields before creating Organigreen: social networking, catering and entertainment, amongst others. All those experiences enriched me and led me to making the decision of giving birth to my own business.

This company reunites several aspects of my personality: I believe in love, I am organized and ecology has been an important part of my life over the last few years.

I’ve always dreamed of working in the events business, and more specifically in the wedding planning area, but I couldn’t find a concept that matched who I was.

That’s why I decided to establish myself as an eco-responsible auto-entrepreneur. Because I care about ecology on a daily basis, but also because the most beautiful day of your life can quickly become a threat to the environment (trash, multiple trips, cut flowers, food coming from overseas, rubber-balloons, …).

We all hear about global warming every day, and we know that it’s time to make a change.

For this reason, I want to give people who care about the future of our planet the possibility of applying their convictions to their wedding day.

Indeed, many providers are working in the respect of environment and its preservation. Depending on their field of activity, they can use as many local, natural, bio-recycled products as possible, and some of them have labels to certify their eco-friendliness.

I am based in Toulouse, but I can move all over France in order to organize your events wherever you wish.

If my concept matches your values, I invite you to visit the Packages page where you will find the different formulas of wedding organization, but also various information about events that come with a wedding (bachelor/bachelorette parties, proposals, honey moons…).

Enjoy your visit on my website, and I’ll see you soon!

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