Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is here to answer the most common interrogations that I receive.
The answers are relevant to weddings, but also to other events organized by Organigreen
  • What are the perks of hiring a wedding planner?

    The main pro of hiring a wedding planner is that it’s way less stressful. Indeed, if you choose the I Want It All package, I will accompany you from A to Z. You won’t have to look for eco-friendly suppliers, which can be tricky sometimes since there are not so many of them around. By hiring Organigreen, you will profit from the advantageous rates that I negotiated with my suppliers.
    Finally, the accompaniment to your appointments is a plus: you will benefit from my advices from day one to the D Day.
    I will help you organize the wedding of your dreams, with the least amount of stress possible before and during the D Day.

    In which area can we organize a wedding with Organigreen?

    Organigreen is a company based in Toulouse, but I can organize events all over France. For customers far away from the South West of France, the first meeting is generally done by video.

    Can we organize an event far away from where we live?

    Of course. You don’t have to live near the place of the event. We will define the necessary trips for you and I during the first appointment. Everything is possible with Organigreen.

    What is the first appointment for?

    The first appointment is necessary and included in every package. By video or in person, we will get to know each other. The goal is for me to understand your personality and your expectations as best as I can, in order to create a wedding that suits you at 100%.

    Where does the first appointment take place?

    The first meeting can be done at your house or at a teahouse. If you live far from Toulouse, we will schedule a video appointment.

    How long does it take to organize a wedding?

    The complete organization of a marriage (I Want It All Package) takes approximately a year. It is possible to reduce that duration, but you might have to give up on some of your requirements, even though I’ll do my best to fulfil them.
    Regarding the Help package, it will depend on what you have already planned. We will review everything during the first appointment.

    To what extent will we be involved in the organization of the marriage/event?

    It depends mainly on the package you will chose. But in any case, I will not validate anything without your agreement since this is YOUR wedding/event. Each of my choices will me made according to your demands and your tastes. I will be there to give you advice as a professional and facilitate the organization of the event.

    Are you going to choose the providers/suppliers for us?

    As I explained in the previous answer, I will not validate anything without your consent. This event must match your expectations and your tastes. I research for suppliers and I give you advice, but the final choice is yours eventually.

    Will we be accompanied to each meeting with the providers?

    For the I Want It All package, we will define together to which appointments you wish to be accompanied.
  • Why should you choose me to organize your wedding/event?

    If you are a couple, and the planet preservation is a concern to you on a daily basis, then our values match. You can also be attracted to an event organized by Organigreen out of curiosity, or just to give it a try.
    If you want to get to know me better, as well as the whole concept of Organigreen, I invite you to read my Presentation page.

    What is an eco-responsible wedding planner?

    An eco-responsible wedding planner collaborates with environmental-friendly partners. It means that the suppliers use as much locally produced organic products as possible, some have labels, they recycle and reduce their waste production, they reuse their equipement...

    For the trips required for the organization of your events, I use public transportation, carpool, bike or walking, as often as I can. In my case, eco-responsibility is a way of life.

  • Is it possible to pay in several free of charge times?

    Of course. A deposit is required after the approval of the offer, and you will then be able to pay in 3 times without extra charge.

    Why the deposit?

    The deposit is paid at the validation of the quote (25% of the chosen package). Henceforth, I will start organizing your event. This deposit is non-refundable.

    What payment methods do you accept?

    I accept bank cheques and wire transfer.

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